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What is EmotioneeringTM?
Emotioneering™ is the vast body of techniques created and/or distilled by David Freeman, which can create, for a player or participant, a breadth and depth of emotions in a game or other interactive experience -- or which can immerse a game player or interactive participant in a world or a role.
There are over 1500 Emotioneering techniques, and they divide into
32 categories. These categories include such things as techniques to --
  • Entice a player to identify with his or her game character
  • Induce a player to bond with NPCs (non-player characters) if so desired
  • Design moving and unexpected gaming moments
  • Create emotionally deep NPCs, even if the NPC speaks just one line of dialogue
  • Leave a player changed and even enriched by your game
David's book, "Creating Emotion in Games," offers 300 of these techniques, illustrated with numerous examples which demonstrate exactly how to apply them.

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What are the 32 categories of Emotioneering?
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