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Putting Emotion into Gameplay
"David Freeman offers game developers great insights into specific techniques they can use, not just for creating meaningful characters and immersive story-lines, but for making better games by actually weaving powerful emotional experiences right into gameplay itself."

Mike Morhaime, President and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, makers of WOW (World of Warcraft), as well as the "Warcraft," StarCraft" and "Diablo" games.
About David and the Freeman Group

You can email David at, or call him at (310) 394-0361.

David has game writing samples in all genres -- war, action, thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, and comedy.

More than just writing, David is skilled at techniques for putting emotion into games.

David has worked on games for Activision, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Microsfoft, Take2, Eidos, Konami, 3D Realms, Larian Studios, and numerous European publishers as well.

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"Beyond Structure" —
The Premier Screenwriting Workshop, Embraced by Top Game Designers and Executives

David teaches "Beyond Structure," L.A.'s most popular screenwriting workshop, drawing 150 attendees every time it's offered (biannually).

The workshop is also presented regularly in New York, London, and occasionally in other cities across the U.S.

"Beyond Structure" has been taken by many prominent game executives and designers, as well as scores of noted film and television writers, directors, producers, and executives.

Those from the game world include include Mike Morhaime and Chris Metzen of Blizzard ("World of Warcraft"), David Jaffe ("God of War"), Scott Miller of
3D Realms ("Max Payne", "Prey"), Dan Arey, former Creative Director at Naughty Dog ("Jak", "Jak and Dexter"), Scott Langteau, Creative Director at Spark ("Call of Duty: Finest Hour"), David Perry, formerly of Shiny Entertainment ("Enter the Matrix", "The Path of Neo"), Lorne Lanning ("Oddworld") and many others.

How do You Put Emotion Into Gameplay?
The answer is Emotioneering™, a vast body of techniques created and/or distilled by David Freeman, which evoke, in a player, a breadth and depth of rich emotions.

– There are hundreds of Emotioneering techniques, and they divide into 32 categories.

Learn more about Emotioneering
See an example of Emotioneering

"Creating Emotion in Games"
– the book
The next revolution in games isn't technological – it's emotional.
A new era is dawning in the game industry, where games will begin to have the same emotional power as great films and television shows. This breakthrough book describes Emotioneering™, David's bullet-proof techniques for emotionally immersing a player in your game. Packed with over 300 Emotioneering™ techniques, it's a must-have for anyone involved in designing or building games.

Learn more about the book and what some of the world's top game designers have to say about it

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